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Conversation 1
    1. To learn about the background of a director who was discussed in class
    2. To ask permission to use a specific type of theater for her class assignment
    3. To discuss the symbolism in a play she wants to use for her assignment
    4. To find out what scenery she is allowed to use in presenting her assignment
    1. To compare events at that time to events that occurred in one of Stephenson’s plays
    2. To suggest that the woman do additional research on that period of United States history
    3. To point out why political themes are common in folk and fairy tales
    4. To explain Sills’s inspiration for his first story theatre production
    1. A plan that is impossible to follow
    2. A conflict between two opposing forces
    3. A solution to complex problems
    4. A question that has no clear answer
    1. He thinks that it was an inventive and powerful performance.
    2. He believes that the use of some props would have enhanced the performance.
    3. He thinks that the theme is even more relevant today than it was in the 1960s.
    4. He believes that it was less effective stylistically than some of Stephenson’s plays.
    1. The actor who plays the role of the narrator plays only that role in Stephenson’s productions.
    2. The actors wear elaborate costumes in Stephenson’s productions.
    3. The stage settings are realistic in Stephenson’s productions.
    4. Political themes are avoided in Stephenson’s productions.