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Conversation 2
    1. To ask the woman if she has photographs of local businesses
    2. To conduct research for a history class
    3. To try to find a gift for his grandparents
    4. To find out how long a local restaurant has been in business
    1. It was in honor of the town’s seventieth anniversary.
    2. It helped increase awareness of the collection.
    3. It was arranged by students who study history.
    4. It mostly included photographs from the 1950s.
    1. Most of the menus in the collection are from the Springfield Eatery.
    2. All of the menus in the collection are carefully organized in boxes.
    3. The menu the man is looking for is probably in the main library.
    4. The man might not find the menu he is looking for.
    1. Look for a photo of his grandparents
    2. Frame a photograph of a menu from a different year
    3. Call the restaurant to ask whether they have what he is looking for
    4. Take a picture of the restaurant
    1. To inform the woman that he has handled old materials in the past
    2. To inquire whether the library has regulations for handling historical documents
    3. To imply that the library should do a better job protecting historical documents
    4. To argue that special precautions are not necessary in this case