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Conversation 1
    1. To discuss a play he heard about
    2. To get feedback on a paper he is writing
    3. To ask about a point made in class
    4. To get information about an acting coach
    1. To support her statement that some original plays do exist
    2. To show that playwrights historically have used themes from earlier plays
    3. To point out that Shakespeare was greatly influenced by ancient Greek plays
    4. To give examples of playwrights whose plays have inspired later playwrights
    1. It served as the basis for a Hollywood film.
    2. It is indirectly based on a Chinese play.
    3. It has influenced a more recent play.
    4. It uses themes from ancient Greek literature.
    1. Rewriting old plays to deal with modern issues is a respectable practice.
    2. Playwrights should preserve as much of the original as possible when updating an older play.
    3. Older plays tend to show more imagination than newer plays.
    4. In a way, modern playwrights work with playwrights of the past.
    1. He thinks the professor misunderstood his point.
    2. He has written some original plays himself.
    3. He doubts that what Charles Mee said is true.
    4. He has read some original plays by Charles Mee.